January Recap and February Goals

January started out strong (as it always does, right? The first half of January is never the problem), but a long stretch of travel and disrupted routine sent me off-course. 

There have been times I've been tempted to just give up the blogging and writing because I broke my habit and fell behind. But I'm here, starting again, and using the blog to hold me accountable. I fell short on some of my goals, but I made progress on most of them and that's worth recognizing. So here's a recap of my January goals, and my goals for February. 


  1. Lose four pounds. (Nope. Gained half a pound. Will recommit for February.)
  2. Run continuously and easily for six minutes. (Not there yet, but making progress.)
  3. Read at least six books (at least three from my existing shelves). (Yes! I read 8 books! But none of them were already on my shelves. Well, unless you count digital shelves...)
  4. Finish all my wedding vendor reviews. (Nope. Zero.)
  5. Change my name on five major accounts and ten minor ones. (A few, not all)


  1. Do at least one Duolingo lesson each day. (Almost yes! I missed a few due to traveling, but I did most days!)
  2. Post on the blog five days per week. (Yes, for the first three weeks, then no)


I'm moving forward on most of my 2017 goals. I'm ahead of schedule for reading 60 books and I've sent all the cards on my list so far. The Duolingo Spanish lessons are happening almost every day, and the blogging is getting back on track. We celebrated Shabbat in our home three times in January and we've continued an ongoing decluttering process. Weight loss is the only one that has seen no progress, but there is still time.


For my February goals, I'm going to try again on the things I didn't get to in January, and add a few more. 

  1. Lose four pounds. 
  2. Run continuously for six minutes. 
  3. Read 6 books (3 from current shelves, 3 for reading challenges)
  4. Write all wedding vendor reviews.
  5. Change my name in 10 places. 
  6. Utilize block scheduling on my office work days. 


Each month, I will continue the previous microhabits, and add two more. 

  1. Do at least one Duolingo Spanish lesson per day.
  2. Post something (anything) on the blog five days a week.
  3. Do at least five minutes of strength training five days a week.
  4.  Get up at 7:00 a.m. every day. 
Caitlin Supcoff