Writers and Bloggers Who Have Changed My Thinking For the Better

The last few years have been full of introspection, reflection, and action for me, and I have seen positive results in my life because of it. I have lost 45 pounds, cultivated habits of making my bed and flossing every day, completed a Whole30, made progress on becoming a runner, created and maintained a capsule wardrobe, started to stick to a budget, read more books, and continued on a path of positive habits and self-improvement in ways I have never been able to achieve before. 

I believe I owe much of my success to two writers who have changed the way I think about myself and my ability to change my habits and daily actions. Gretchen Rubin and Anne Bogel have shown me ways to discover tendencies and preferences in myself that have made a significant impact. 

Gretchen Rubin is a successful writer and podcaster who focuses on the subjects of happiness and habits. Her books include Happier, Happier at Home, and Better Than Before. For the last two years, Rubin has hosted a podcast, Happier, with her sister. Through her work, I have learned about my tendency to be a starter (not a finisher), to be more motivated by external accountability, and to be a sprinter who secretly wishes to be a marathoner. Rubin takes a variety of human tendencies and categorizes them to help us understand how we function. Through her, I have learned how to implement habits that will actually work for my life. I highly recommend her podcast and her books. 

Anne Bogel writes the delightful blog, Modern Mrs. Darcy, and hosts the equally lovely podcast, What Should I Read Next. I have long admired her reflective outlook on life about things both profound and mundane. She writes about fashion, family dynamics, habits, personality types, and lots and lots of books. From her, I realized that I like matte, drapey clothes, that I am happier with fewer, higher quality clothes and household items, and that I can learn a lot about myself by studying my preferences. 

I find myself hearing Anne and Gretchen's voices in my head throughout the day as I make small decisions. Their wisdom and insight encourage me throughout my decision-making processes. 

What writers, bloggers, or podcasters have influenced your way of thinking recently? 


Caitlin Supcoff