Friday Links 1.6.17

It's Friday! Which, since I work on Sundays, is actually my Saturday, which means my weekend has begun! Today, I have my first appointment with a spiritual director. I'm looking forward to seeing what that has in store. Then it's a day of cleaning and organizing, taking down the Christmas decorations (Happy Epiphany, everyone!), and preparing for Shabbot dinner tonight. In the meantime, here are a few links that caught my interest in the last week. Shabbot shalom! 

This act of vandalism is terrorism and we all need to take it (and all the other scary things that have been happening) seriously. 

I've implemented a few micro habits into my New Year routine thanks to this article

I lost 47 pounds last year but have regained about 15 since August. This approach to lifestyle change was inspiring to me to lose the extra pounds and maintain my success. 

Teen Vogue is kind of awesome. They provided one of the best explantations of Trump's gaslighting I've read. 

Husband and I will take some of these old-fashioned marriage strategies to heart this year. 

This literary podcasters post is so dense, I honestly haven't plowed through it all yet, but it's saved for later. Lots of great recommendations and ideas. And more podcasts to add to my list...


Caitlin Supcoff