Star Word 2017

The concept of a "theme word" has been popular in the blogosphere and beyond the past several years, and I've participated with varying levels of commitment, but last year I discovered  a new twist. 

Several church leaders I knew were using "star words" as jumpstart for the new year. They make a bunch of paper stars with different words and gifts written on them. Then instead of carefully choosing a word for yourself for the year, you select a star at random and let the Holy Spirit choose for you. The challenge is to sit with the word for a time and to discern what it has to say for your life in 2017.

I made star words for our congregation this year and mine word is: 


It's not the flashiest or cuddliest of words for a year's direction, but I think it's just right for me this year. I strive to be better about following through and want to hold myself accountable. It might also be a call to find creative and effective ways to hold others accountable. 

Did anyone else pick a star word for the year? Or just a word for the year in general? I'd love to hear all about it! 

Caitlin Supcoff