What's In My Purse

Today, one of my favorite bloggers, Modern Mrs. Darcy, shared what's in her purse and I decided to play along.


So here it is: 

The Bag: A Kate Spade satchel in Mulled Wine that I got a few months ago during their one-day flash sale. I can't find the exact bag anymore, but it's been a major staple of my capsule wardrobe. And I'm using the shoulder strap way more than I expected to. 

Essentials: iPhone, iPad mini, wallet (old Nine West number that is fraying and could stand to be replaced soon), old pouch for receipts, sunglasses and keys.

Paper and Pens: My amazing Plum Paper planner, my lemon colored Leuchtturm 1917 dotted notebook (started out as a bullet journal, now just kind of a catch-all writing surface), and my Nicole Miller blog planner (just a regular planner I used for blogging purposes), and a See Jane Work pouch full of my two favorite pens (Pilot G-2s and Pilot Precise V5 in blue). 

Electronics: My Beats wireless Bluetooth headphones, two sets of ear buds, the phone jack adapter for my new iPhone, a charger adapter for my car, two mini chargers (one for Apple stuff, one for everything else) and a portable charge device (what are those called?). These are all kept in the little black pouch underneath the cables.

Personal Care: Neutrogena loose powder, Badger sleep balm (don't know why that's in there), hand sanitizer, Badger lip balm, perfume, hair ties and bobby pins, ear plugs (there was an incident with a loud Star Wars movie in the theatre, a headache, and a considerate husband), tissues, floss, Essie nail polish, and a lipstick (Tarte in Exposed. I wore it at my wedding and love it). These go in the colorful pouch below. 

Extras: Binder clip and yellow umbrella.

If you're thinking, wow that's a lot of stuff for that bag, you are correct. It's way over stuffed. We may have identified the reason for my occasional back pain. 

I don't always carry all the notebooks with me, but do sometimes have a physical book in addition to the ones on my iPad. And the earphones and umbrella aren't always in there. 

Here's a peek at it all stuffed in there. Obviously, not ideal. 

What's in your purse today? 

Anne from MMD got the idea from Carrie here

Caitlin Supcoff