Friday Links

I stayed up way too late reading late night (I read two ENTIRE books yesterday. From start to finish. Crazy town. They were good, though. More details soon), so I'm moving a little slowly today. But I have a lot to do before the weekend! So just a few links for today. See you Monday!

A great reminder why we all need to work on our writing skills

Just discovered this one when looking at Carrie's post of her purse contents. The Life-Changing Magic of Good Habits. Right up my alley these days! 

Every book Barack Obama recommended during his presidency. Definitely adding many of these to my TBR.  Like I need more books for that. Thanks Obama. 

I loved this idea for churches to put out weekly prayers on social media. Build Faith is an excellent resource. 

Have a great weekend! 

Caitlin Supcoff