What I'm Into (December 2016 Edition)

Books and Reading: 


Behold the Dreamers

I first heard about this book on this Global Citizens reading list. I recorded all the titles and requested many from the library. This was the first I read, and I loved it. I'll write a full post on it soon. For now, I'll just say that I read a description of it as a cross between The Help and Americanah, both of which I loved, and I found it to be a very accurate characterization. 


The Badass Librarians of Timbuktu

This is another title from the Global Citizens reading list. I admit I totally prejudged the book based on its title and cover. I love anything to do with librarians and it sounded right up my alley, but it was disappointing. This non-fiction narrative was largely focused on terrorism, which is a subject I am glad to have a better understanding of, but didn't enjoy reading about. I'll post a more comprehensive review later this month. 

Flunking Sainthood

This is another in the ever growing list of books penned after a year-long project. I'm getting a bit tired of the concept, but I enjoyed her year of trying different spiritual practices. 

Audiobooks: I love "reading" more books by listening to audiobooks. They make running, cleaning, driving, and all manner of boring tasks not only bearable, but actually delightful. 

A Man Called Ove

This translated novel started out depressing, but ended up warming my heart. A delightful listen. 

The Nest

I heard tons of hype about The Nest over the summer and finally got around to it. I found myself just lying on the couch with my headphones so I could keep listening. 

Bookmarks Magazine

I stumbled upon this magazine while book browsing with my husband and was utterly charmed. I love it's comprehensive reviews and articles, and I've since subscribed. This edition was particularly special to me because my Irish family was originally from the Killarney area. 

The Atlantic

In an attempt to stay informed and support quality journalism, I've decided to subscribe to a few publications. I don't have time to keep up with a daily newspaper, but a monthly like The Atlantic is perfect. Although I already read many of the articles online, having the hard copy is great because it puts articles in front of my eyes that I wouldn't otherwise read. It takes some of the self-selection out of my information gathering, and that is a good thing. 


What Should I Read Next 

Anne has long been my guru for "all things books and reading" (as she says in her podcast) and I've delighted in her podcast for its almost year-long run so far. Not only do I get interesting and diverse books suggestions, but the bookish chat is also engaging and fun. 

Show About Race 

The "co-discussants" of this podcast have important conversations and ask necessary questions about race and identity in our culture and country today. They are sometimes brutally honest, and it doesn't always make me comfortable, but we all need a little more of that these days. 

Pop Culture Happy Hour

NPR's awesome pop culture podcast seems like it might be frivolous, but it often leaves me thinking about deeper questions about our culture. They cover current films, music, TV, books, and all other aspects of pop culture in an intelligent, amusing, and though-provoking manner. I get great recommendations from from them, and often find myself more interested in something after hearing their discussions. My favorite recent episode is their annual Resolutions and Predictions episode. It's made me think about some of my own pop culture resolutions. 

The RobCast is the place for thoughtful, dynamic, compassionate conversations about faith, religion, and spiritual life. His conversations with a rabbi have been great to listen to with my husband as we navigate our interfaith marriage. And I LOVE how beside himself excited Rob gets about so many different things! 


Gilmore Girls: I'm still rewatching this with my husband (mostly new for him). We're nearing the end of season 3 and Rory's career at Chilton. I did watch the reboot without him and have mixed feelings. After watching that, and now going back to the originals again, I'm pretty sad about what's happened to Rory. Her character seemed to completely change. I much prefer original Gilmore Girls Rory. 

The Crown: I started this Netflix series when I was recovering from an illness and love it. I still have more than half of the season to go, but am squeezing in episodes as I can. 


My Advent playlist was on heavy rotation during Advent, and I'm honestly sad to be moving on to something different. 

I'd like to get into some new music in 2017, so I'm hoping this will be more interesting next month! 

What were you into in December? 

I'm joining in with Leigh Kramer for What I'm Into.

Caitlin Supcoff