Book Review: The More of Less by Joshua Becker

As I prepare to merge my life (and home) with my fiancé for our upcoming  marriage, I’ve been thinking a lot about the clutter I need to eliminate from my life. And it’s hard work. 

Joshua Becker’s new book, The More of Less, came across my path at just the right time. I was ready to make a change and this book definitely changed the way I thought about decluttering and the things I choose to keep in my home and life. 

Becker includes plenty of practical tips on how to eliminate excess from your life. He tells motivating stories about his own family’s life-changing experiences with minimalism. But for me, more importantly, Becker address some of the emotional and psychological issues that can make decluttering so difficult. 

Becker writes, “Sometimes, parting with our possessions means giving up an image that we have created in our mind of the person we would like to become. Sometimes, minimizing possessions means a dream must die.” 

Those words stopped me in my tracks. I have piles and bins and baskets overflowing with unused craft supplies because I have an image of this creative person that I want to be. I occasionally make use of them, and they bring me joy during those moments, but the rest of the time, frankly, they feel like a burden. But I was reluctant to get rid of them because I didn’t want to let go of this particular self-image. 

Becker’s words turned over in my mind and I began to think about new dreams for myself and my identity. I could be a person with enough time and space in my life and home to other people. I could offer the kind of hospitality I’ve always dreamt of. My home could be a haven for me and my (soon-to-be) husband as we start our lives together. 

I’m still in the middle of implementing many of the strategies and tactics recommended by Becker to make more space in my home and my life for the things that truly matter to me. It will be an ongoing process, but The More of Less reignited new dreams within me of the life I want for my new, developing family. 

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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